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Bespoke Custom Work


Also on the side I'm an inventor. I invent and design new products. Some entirely new, most are better redesigns. It takes an open mind to explore problems from multiple perspectives. And I say this to say some problems that seem impossible, usually aren't. And in some cases, turn out easier than expected.

The Pocket Barn Door

Ripping out a stud wall to install a pocket door was too costly and complicated, but putting in a sliding barn door in front of the stud wall was actually quite easy. 

Low Voltage Redux

When 20' hanging pendant lights stopped working, we opted to change out the 90's style pendants as well as the bulb fixtures. Unfortunately, the new pendants they chose didn't fit the low-voltage fixtures. It had to be rigged to work. The attachment had to be redesigned. Most electricians would have replaced the whole fixture, all 20' feet of it from the top of the ceiling. Fortunately, a little thought and experimenting delivered a cost effective solution.

Can to Cable

Replacing a canned spot light with a pendant light usually means tearing out the can and framing in a regular ceiling electrical box. Followed by a bunch of dry-walling, priming and painting. Or you can redesign the attachment and skip all the demo, framing and dry-wall, as well as all the costs involved.


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