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Flooring | Framing

I don't have the man power to pour a drive-way, but I spent years doing concrete work in Florida. Pads and tie-beams mostly, so small jobs are no problem. 

Decks are fun, in any material.
(the framing above is built to hold the weight of a 5000 lb. jacuzzi)

And I've done a lot of flooring. Vinyl is very popular now, I don't recommend laminate, and I personally like bamboo.

Electrical | Plumbing

I'm not a 'licensed' electrician or plumber, but I've been an apprentice for years... maybe a decade.

There are many jobs that can be safely and inexpensively done using a handy-man for 99% of the work and then bringing in a licensed  electrician or plumber to 'sign-off' on the work if it needs to be inspected. 

I've rewired and plumbed entire homes and always pass inspection.

Tiling | Painting

Painting and tiling are always fun for me, and it's the best areas of the home to get the most 'bang for the buck' with accent walls of a different color or unusual patterns in tile. It's a relatively inexpensive way to get a designer look.

I also do some drywall, but only small projects.

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